The high technologies and life sciences arenas are characterized by rapid changes and continuously evolving challenges.

In order to meet the needs of this dynamic arena, we combine our extensive experience with an abundance of curiosity and a fresh mind.

As a boutique firm, we are minded towards creating the optimal match between client and lawyer, ensuring that cases are approached in an intelligent and tailored manner. We believe that it is important that lawyers must have a profound and complete view of the business at hand, including trends, impact and usage of products and solutions, so that they can provide all-encompassing services for clients in these evolutionary industries.

Our firm has extensive experience in all types of corporate financing transactions, and represents our clients in all aspects of venture capital and funding transactions on a regular basis. This includes structuring, drafting and negotiating legal and commercial terms of term sheets, due diligence reviews, share purchase agreements, convertible loan agreements, convertible bridge loans, registration rights agreements, shareholder rights agreements, etc.

The day to day operation of hi-tech and life sciences companies requires a broad variety of expertise including contract, corporate, labor, IP and securities laws. These include R&D agreements, licensing agreements, co-development agreements, distribution agreements, MTA, OEM, joint ventures and additional forms of transactions and projects, clinical studies, manufacturing services, joint venture and marketing agreements, strategic collaborations, technological consortiums and other technology-related agreements, intellectual property assignment, employment and consulting agreements, stock option plans, etc. This practice area extends to all aspects of these transactions, including agreements with local and international companies and institutions.