About Us


Efrati Galili Ben-Hur Tsuk & Co. now proudly counts decades

of lawyers worldwide in its ever-expanding alumni network – a network that plays a vital part in the strength and success of our firm.

Our alumni are professionals who have used the training and work experience gained at our Firm as a springboard into enriching and rewarding careers, and we are truly proud of their accomplishments.

Our alumni often go on to pursue careers in law, business, government and academia.

Our network includes CEOs, CFOs, general counsel, judges, law professors, government officials, business leaders, activists and entrepreneurs, among many other occupations.

At Efrati Galili Ben-Hur Tsuk & Co., we value the importance of staying in touch, and we are fortunate to continue to work with many of our former colleagues once they have left our Firm. They will always be an important part of the Efrati Galili Ben-Hur Tsuk family.