Bringing innovation and leadership to the field of securities, our firm has maintained a leading position in local and global offerings, representing companies, underwriters or the selling shareholders.

We have acquired extensive experience in complex and unique securities issues and instruments, including complex related and transactions for controlling parties, and providing consulting services to independent directors and boards of directors.

Our team is backed by in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in capital markets, securities laws and structured products in Israel and abroad, having participated in complex and innovative tender offers on behalf of some of Israel’s leading corporations.

Our team offers continuous assistance to public companies in Israel and abroad in connection with compliance issues, reporting duties including the procedures pertaining to directors and shareholders’ meetings and formulating resolutions in various issues.

Our securities endeavors also comprise financing services, from acquiring seed money to IPO. This also includes private placement financing for corporations and venture capital funds both in Israel and abroad, and handling advance financial instruments transactions. We represent investments banks from Israel, the US and Europe, and provide representation for our clients and banks in the process of acquiring major loans.

We also work alongside clients seeking investments, ranging from placements with institutions or high net worth individuals through mezzanine financing and later stage rounds of financing.

We are capable of assisting both large-scale public companies with their reporting compliance while, at the same time, have the relevant expertise needed to accompany smaller companies as they deal with the burdens of burdensome new compliance requirements despite their lack of in-house counsel. We carefully guide them through the maze of endless reporting requirements and updates, enabling them to move forward and achieve their desired business goals.